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Blended Learning

Experience courses designed to help build knowledge on integrating technology into the classroom and leading blended learning, including remote and hybrid instruction.

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning is crucial to supporting a student's overall wellbeing and ensuring our students are ready to learn. Engage in courses that unpack social-emotional skills and practice strategies to implement with your learners.
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Diversity & Equity

Engage in dialogues about diversity and equity, challenge your perspective, and strengthen your abilities to support all learners.

Accelerated Learning Recovery

Determine how you can support your students in  learning the information and skills that are critical for their continued academic growth.


Build capacity amongst administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders to support a cohesive learning community through school systems, professional development, and evidence-based decision-making.

Parents & Guardians

Engage in eLearning courses for parents and guardians to support their remote students learning at home.

Google For Education

Build your proficiency in using Google for Education applications to plan and implement meaningful learning experiences.

Microsoft For Education

Build your proficiency in using Microsoft applications to plan and implement meaningful learning experiences.


Develop an understanding of STEM concepts and practices to integrate into any subject. Support students' 21st-century skills as they learn to plan, reflect, and iterate in the classroom.

Canvas For Education

Build your proficiency in using Canvas to plan and implement meaningful learning experiences.


Immerse yourself in reflection, discussion, and research about how to create accessible learning environments. Topics include Diversity & Equity, Special Education, and English Language Learners.

Early Education

Instructing early learners takes a little extra innovation in a time of increased technology use for learning. Learn alongside other professionals to discuss issues of screentime and determine how technology best supports your students.

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