STREAM Foundations

Academy Level: 100
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Learning Path Overview

STREAM is often defined as the acronym for science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math, but it is so much more than an acronym. STREAM is an approach to instruction and learning that incorporates a variety of academic disciplines and connects concepts to the real world all through the lens of our Catholic faith. STREAM Foundations explores the methods of problem-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and the design process. Examine how to incorporate these methods into the classroom with backward design and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to create authentic learning experiences that address learner needs. Plan for the habits of mind needed to incorporate STREAM into your classroom and consider how to use assessment and data to drive instruction. Examine how religion is the perfect fit with the other elements of STREAM. STREAM Foundations will guide you through the concepts associated with STREAM and how to incorporate them into your classroom.