Annual Subscription

What's included

  • Unlimited Learning Paths
  • Learning Dashboard
  • District and School Learning Dashboard
  • Unlimited self-assessments
  • Community access
  • Two self-assessments
  • myEduscape Onboarding course
  • Google Boot Camp Levels I and II
  • Two (2) vouchers: One (1) Level I Google cert. exam and one (1) Level II Google cert. exam
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Learning Paths
Onboarding Course
Learning Dashboards
Community Access
Learning Paths include four eLearning courses. Select the learning paths you want to engage in! 
The myEduscape Onboarding Course supports learners in accessing, navigating and maximizing the platform.
The Learning Dashboard captures the learning data associated with individual, school and district accounts.
Self-assessments provide the opportunity for learners to check their knowledge, receive personalized recommendations, and monitor their progress.
Self-assessment choices include topics of pedagogy, Google, Microsoft, or Canvas.
Learners engage in the myEduscape community to share, question and grow with other professionals as well as in thematic groups.