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Accelerated Learning Recovery for Leaders

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Learning Path Overview

Learning Loss is described by many as a decline in student learning caused by extended closures or disruption to schooling. This problem affects learners around the globe. Accelerated Learning Recovery is a solution-oriented approach to addressing this very real problem. In this learning path, participants will consider the occurrence of Learning Loss and how Accelerated Learning Recovery can address the fundamental needs of students and support academic growth. Learners will explore the basics of the Accelerated Learning framework and underline the importance of implementing a data-driven, whole-school approach to social-emotional wellness, as well as the school's vital role in providing a supportive educational community. We will also describe the benefits of giving learners opportunities to identify and harness their emotions through creative expression. Participants will walk away with knowledge of the Accelerated Learning Recovery framework and an understanding of the role they play in supporting students in school.