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The Science of Reading

Explore the world of reading science. Discover research and techniques for effective literacy skills.
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AI in Education

Uncover AI's impact on education. Explore personalized learning, data insights, and innovative teaching.
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Classroom Management

Learn effective classroom strategies. Create a positive environment and engage students confidently.
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What educators are saying

This was my first learning experience using myEduscape. The fact that I could work at my own pace and select a topic that interests me, is beneficial as an educator. myEduscape provided many ready to use ideas to implement in the classroom today.
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Linda Vadino
Designing Student-Centered Learning
This course is totally valuable. If you are a teacher, mentor or play any role with them or other teachers, sharing goals cycle will make the most of your profession and day to day.
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Perla Lujan
Meeting Student Goals
It is eye-opening to realize that my role can be shifted a bit and still be vital.
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Mary King
Fostering Active Engagement Through Student-Centered Learning
This was a great introduction to SEL. The practical application section showed me that I've been using SEL in my classroom for a long time, and with further instruction, I can become more effective in my teaching.
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Chelsea helgeson
Introduction to Social-Emotional Learning
... This course certainly helps to clarify and define the line and measures required to achieve this goal that most teacher aim for in their profession.
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Ashley kimble
Creating a Classroom Community
This was a great use of time - building community is an essential skill!
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Kristie bergin
Creating a Classroom Community

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