Considerations for Rubric Design and Use

  • Author: Eduscape
  • Course Level: 203
  • Est. Length: 2 hours
  • Grade(s): PK-12th Grade
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Course description
If you are seeking an effective way to evaluate student work and provide valuable feedback, rubrics could be the key! A well-designed rubric communicates expectations, provides a roadmap for student success, and is a practical tool for providing feedback and suggestions for improvement. It’s possible to find rubric templates online as a starting point, and they can be helpful for those first attempting to use rubrics in the classroom. However, fully understanding rubric design, development, and effective use is key for enabling teachers to create rubrics customized to their specific curriculum and student body. In this course, learners will explore the benefits of using rubrics as an evaluation tool and examine design elements that will allow them to create rubrics tailored to their specific needs.