Engineering Design Process: Investigate & Brainstorm

  • Author: Eduscape
  • Course Level: 101
  • Est. Length: 30 minutes
  • Grade(s): 6-8th Grade
In this mini-course you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively introduce your students to the first two phases of the Engineering Design Process; Investigate and Brainstorm.  You will learn how to skillfully guide your students through the process of problem identification and critical thinking while creating an environment for encouraging idea generation and diverse perspectives.  By the end of this mini course you will develop an understanding of how the investigation and brainstorming phases shape the total design process, and develop strategies to support students.  Through scaffolded support in the investigative and brainstorming phases, students can refine their ideas and goals to a higher level of rigor than without supports and can develop a greater understanding of the context behind the content.