Literacy Foundational Skills: Print Concepts

  • Author: Eduscape
  • Course Level: 101
  • Est. Length: 30 minutes
  • Grade(s): PK-2nd Grade
This mini course is designed to support new teachers, or those that may need a refresher, with developing strategies and techniques to teach PK-2 foundational skills in literacy. In this course, you will take a deep dive into developing a comprehensive understanding of the elements of print concepts, including tracking words from left to right,  uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, word and sentence recognition, capitalization and punctuation. These are essential components of a successful, all-encompassing reading program created to foster adept readers capable of understanding texts from a variety of genres and subjects. Simultaneously, teachers will build a strong foundation in print concepts that will equip them with the tools and strategies they need to help their students become confident and competent readers and writers.