Google Level 2 Bootcamp

Academy Level: 200
Start learning to earn your Google Level 2 Bootcamp badge!

*Google Bootcamp Level 2 is updated regularly. 

Learning Path Overview

Once you have earned your Google Educator Level 1 certification, it’s time to level up and earn your Level 2 certification. This course will guide you through advanced uses of familiar Google tools with a special focus on how they apply in the classroom. Additional Google tools for the classroom will be introduced and explored. The course will provide practice for both parts of the certification exam by giving sample multiple-choice and sort quizzes, along with missions that require you to practice the skills you will need for the hands-on portion of the exam. Tips and tricks will be provided for completing the exam within the allotted time. Please note: this course is recommended for those who have already completed the Google Educator Level 1 certification since Level 2 builds off of the content from Level 1.