Metacognition for Visible Learning

  • Author: Eduscape
  • Course Level: 404 
  • Est. Length: 2 hours
  • Grade(s): PK-12th Grade
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Course description
Metacognition, or “thinking about thinking”, is a vital process in the mind of an actively engaged learner. Learners who make use of metacognitive strategies do not just passively receive knowledge; rather, they actively engage in the learning process. This is because metacognitive processes engage learners in considering what they know. It supports them in keenly discerning which strategies can support them in effectively learning or achieving what they set out to learn or do. Metacognition has been shown to support learner success and outcomes. In this course, participants will explore the meaning of metacognition and its utility in the learning process. In this course, you will develop an understanding of how metacognition impacts learning outcomes and how to employ metacognitive practices and strategies into the classroom.