Soap Box Derby Academy

Let's get ready to race! The Soap Box Derby Academy guides teachers and students as they build, test, and race Soap Box Cars using STEM skills across the curriculum. 

Student Course Features

Interactive Videos

Students gain an in-depth understanding of the skills needed to be a part of the Soap Box Derby.


Courses include engaging games and activities to make learning exciting for students.

Knowledge Checks

Integrated checks for understanding ensure that students are comprehending the course material. 

Positive Reinforcement

Frequent encouragement and the ability to earn achievement badges keep students motivated to learn.
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Student Courses

Soap Box Derby is an eLearning STEM program where students have the opportunity to:
     Learn more about the Soap Box Derby and its history
Explore different tools and their safe usage
Construct a Mini SBD Car
Build and code a DigiRacer Car
Collaborate and race!

Teacher Courses

Educators will have access to additional resources to use with their students to create collaborative opportunities.
The teacher courses include:
     Digital materials and resources
     Ideas for cross-curricular integration
Answer keys for student activities
Templates and checklists for planning

Featured Courses