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In recent years, podcasts have exploded in popularity as a digital audio medium. Podcasts create an on-demand way for learners to access information and entertainment and express what they know. This course will explore the nature and characteristics of both podcasts as a medium, as well as podcasting as a creative process, and how these can contribute positively to the classroom environment and support our student’s learning outcomes. 
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KPODS: Knowledge Produced on Demand
with Soundtrap

Enhance student creativity and collaboration

Throughout this course, students will focus on creating, collaboration, discussions, and feedback while leveraging the design thinking process. Get your students excited as they connect their learning to their passions.

Student Curriculum Features


Lessons begin with a prompt or question meant to engage learners.


Students engage in hands-on experience related to the concept or idea for the lesson.


Students receive direct instruction on the new  topic or ideas.


Students share ideas and give and receive feedback.


Students consider what they learned, and reflect on the knowledge gained.

Next Steps

Students  listen, review, create, record, and edit their own podcasts independently. 
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